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Discover the latest crypto trends

Discover the latest crypto trends

Discover the latest crypto trends

NEAR Migration FAQ

Jan 23, 2024
NEAR is in the process of migration. While it is a big event, it still raises many questions among the crypto community. Let Nightly solve them for you!

Staking & liquid staking on Nightly Wallet

Jan 23, 2024
Staking and liquid staking are some of the safest and most stable ways of supporting Aleph Zero. In this blog post, we will introduce to you, what is the difference between staking and liquid staking, and how to do it in our wallet.

Introducing Nightly Safari Extension: A Breakthrough in Mobile Crypto UX on Solana!

Jan 17, 2024
Tired of switching the tabs to approve every transaction? We introduce Safari Extension, a new, feature of our iOS mobile app.

How to stake $AZERO with ledger

Jan 3, 2024
Staking is a safe way to support your chain, and it provides an opportunity for increased yield. But it's even better with a hardware wallet like Ledger.

How to stake $AZERO - 5 steps tutorial for Aleph Zero

Dec 15, 2023
Staking is a great option for both, supporting your favorite chain while getting additional yield. Find out how to get rewards over time with staking!

How to Build Your First Aleph Zero App with Nightly Aleph Zero Template dApp

Dec 8, 2023
Navigating the setup of a coding environment while learning Aleph Zero can pose a challenge, remaining a hurdle for new developers embarking on their initial projects. Recognizing this, Nightly has developed a versatile template designed for any dApp on Aleph Zero.

What's staking on Aleph Zero

Dec 6, 2023
Staking is one of the safest and most stable ways of supporting Aleph Zero. This guide will show you how to stake and get some $AZERO through staking them.

Nightly Connect in a nutshell

Nov 28, 2023
Building dApps is challenging and time-consuming. Try Nightly Connect – a permissionless wallet adapter and connection-establishing tool to simplify your life.

How to Build Your First Solana App with Nightly Solana Template dApp

Nov 17, 2023
Creating the setup of a coding environment while learning Solana can be a challenge. Nightly has developed a template designed for dApps on Solana to face this.

How to stake AZERO tokens using Ledger

Nov 7, 2023
Staking your tokens may seem difficult, but it's a great way to support your favorite chain. But how to do it safely? In this guide, on the $AZERO example, we'll demonstrate how to stake your tokens with Ledger.

How to Build your first Sui App - Nightly Connect Template dApp

Oct 17, 2023
Setting up the environment while learning to code on Sui can be challenging. Even now, it remains a barrier for new developers looking to embark on their initial projects. That's why Nightly has created a versatile template suitable for any dApp on Sui.

How to migrate your NEAR wallet in 5 steps

Oct 16, 2023
NEAR Wallet migration is almost complete, and it's high time to get started. Let Nightly be your guide for NEAR migration in just 5 simple steps.

Let's connect - Nightly Connect for mobiles

Sep 19, 2023
The percentage of people primarily using their mobiles is constantly growing. Global statistics show that there are around 4.5 billion mobile users on Earth. It's high time to introduce these trends to crypto.

What's NEAR Wallet Migration? Easy tutorial

Aug 1, 2023
Ready for a seamless wallet migration? Embrace the Nightly Wallet and unlock the power of NEAR wallet migration effortlessly! If we could say one thing about the crypto space for sure, it would be - it never gets boring. As the NEAR ecosystem continues to grow and flourish, we at Nightly Wallet are thrilled to be a part of a seamless migration process from your old NEAR Wallet to our feature-rich platform.Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new as we guide you through a hassle-free migration to Nightly Wallet.

Hello World! Nightly Wallet

Jul 4, 2022
Nightly is your key to the metaverse. We want to introduce you to Nightly Wallet. Multichain crypto wallet designed that's going to revolutionize Web3. After months of developing, we can finally say hello to you. We believe it's the beginning of a great journey. Exciting, isn't it? 🔥